Special Kebabs


Whole Lamb tenderloin pieces cha-grilled and served with rice and onion.

Cokertme Kebab

Fresh fried potato topped with yoghurt and beef tenderloin, tomato sauce, Turkish butter and served with onion, grilled tomato and chili.

Dana Kulbasti

Beef tenderloin slices grilled on charcoal, served with potato wedges and grilled chili

Yogurtlu Kebab

Grilled turkish kebab on the top of turkish bread and yoghurt layer, with tomato sauce and turkish butter

Halep Kebab

Slices of grilled kebab on the top of bread and yoghurt layer with onion and special tomato sauce

Ali Nazik

Char-grill smoked and spiced eggplant puree topped with tender, seasoned and marinated cubes of pan sauteed lamb

Coban Kavurma

Marinated Beef Pan fried with green capsicum and onion, served with rice.

Sultan Baba kebab Tray

Minced meat mixed with eggplants, tomato, green chilli and special spicess dipped in tomato sauced and baked in the oven to perfection topped with cheese

Sauted Meat

Tender pieces of beef tenderloin sauted with tomato sauce, onion, green pepper, and seasoned with chef's own blend of herbs and spices.

Manisa Kebab

Flat shish meat on the sliced pita bread, yoghurt garlic, flavored with butter and topped with parsley

Lokma Kebab

Special skewer of kebab wrapped with a thin layer of dough topped with garlic yoghurt and topped with tomato sauce and Turkish butter

Sizzling Meatballs Tray

Our homemade kofte baked in casserole with tomato sauce, onion, mashed potato and topped with cheese

Blacksea Style White Beans

White beans cooked with beef cubes, tomato sauce and onion. Served with rice