Know Your Kebap

Iskender Kebap may be similar to Doner Kebap, but there are many factors that make Iskender Kebap stand out.

Battered: Iskender Kebap is a Doner Kebap but grilled with a charcoal fire, then basted with spicy tomato sauce, doused with goat’s butter and yogurt.

Wider: Iskender Kebap has wide, long & large strips of meat while Doner Kebap has small chunks of meat.

Original Taste of Meat: Only salt and onion juice is used to marinate the meat in order to preserve the original flavor. For this reason, only very high quality of meat is used to prepare the whole skewer. Extreme usage of spices is a common trick employed in many other cuisines to alias the mild taste of lower quality meat which we never practice.

Meat Mince and Chunk Combined: Bursa style Iskender Kebap is made using a combination of minced meat and meat chunks. Meat is minced by using a special meat mincer which separates the nerves from the meat during mincing process. Then this dough soft minced meat is placed as layer on top of meat chunks which keep the whole skewer intact.

Only Fresh and Healthy Items: As a Sultan Baba Iskender principle, we use only fresh items in our kitchen. Meat is imported in the form of live animals and slaughtered locally. We DO NOT use any artificial powders, chemicals or flavors which may replace the original item. You and your family can dine with us safely being assured that we don’t serve if we don’t like it ourselves. Turkish cuisine varies across the country. A specialty's name sometimes includes that of a city or region, either in or outside of Turkey, and may refer to the specific technique or ingredients used in that area. For example, the difference between Urfa Kebap and Adana Kebap is the thickness of the skewer and the amount of hot pepper that kebap contains. Urfa Kebap is less spicy and thicker than Adana kebap.